Take Care of Your Lips

During the cold and windy temperatures of winter, do you ever realize how dry your skin is? Especially sensitive places like your hands, face and lips.
It is important to have a therapeutic chapstick to keep your lips protected. 
Our chapstick has amazing ingredients to help protect your lips against all types of weather.
CBD, combined with all of the other amazing ingredients work together for an amazing combination. 

Take a look at these amazing ingredients and their equally amazing benefits!

Castor Seed Oil: Soothes chapped lips

Beeswax: Is often used in lip balms for its antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties

Sweet Almond Oil: Helps keep lips hydrated

Shea Butter: Protects your lips from cold and dry weather, and reduces your chances of dry lips

Cocoa Butter: Melts at body temperature and works to naturally soothe dry, sensitive skin

Capric Triglycerides: Helps to prevent moisture loss

Lanolin:  Is used to treat or prevent dry skin, itching or other skin irritation 

CBD: Helps cells regenerate which is a great benefit to your lips which may be exposed to the harsh effects of sun, wind and dry air.

Vanilla Or Cherry: Is rich in antioxidants

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