CBD Gummies

There are many ways to take CBD.  Everyone has their preferred way. Some people enjoy a tincture. Simply hold under your tongue for at least 60 seconds and swallow. Then go about with your day. Others prefer a capsule. Simply swallow and go. Another way is through a delicious  gummy. Our CBD gummies are broad-spectrum . 

Broad-spectrum CBD  encompass the entire hemp plant with all the THC extracted, leaving them lab-tested 0% THC.

There are three common formulas of CBD. CBD Isolate, CBD Broad-Spectrum and CBD Full-Spectrum. CBD Isolate contains only CBD and is lab tested 0% THC Free. Broad-spectrum CBD encompasses the entire hemp plant, bringing all of the multiple cannabinoids and hundreds of terpenses with it. It is lab test 0% THC. Full-spectrum CBD includes the entire hemp plant and typically contains up to 0.3% THC. 

Gummies are a perfect treat to eat before bedtime or a sweet  kick to helpstart your day. Come by and try some CBD Broad-Spectum Gummies today! 

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