Organic Hemp Botanicals was founded by Rebecca Perdieu and Eric Banks. Rebecca and Eric have been at the forefront of the CBD industry since 2015. Organic Hemp Botanicals takes pride in being a family-owned and operated business and we have a strong belief that people have a right to high-quality and fairly priced US-grown hemp-derived CBD products.  
As a company, we are committed to quality and consistency with our products. 
Organic Hemp Botanicals offers a Compassionate Care Program for people with long-term disabilities and for those on low-income budgets. We also offer a considerable discount to military (active and retired), first respondents, teachers, and all city, state and county employees.
We offer a wide variety of CBD options with 99.9% pure CBD. We carry CBD Isolates and Broad-Spectrum CBD, which are lab tested ZERO THC, as well as Full- Spectrum CBD (0.3% THC). We take pride in our company and our products, which is why we only use the purest quality of CBD. Organic Hemp Botanicals’ products are Non-GMO and gluten-free. 
Our diverse and ever-changing line includes Tinctures, Capsules, Pain Sticks, Pain Salves, Lotions, Creams, and Hair Care Products. 
Our products bring wellness to the world through ultra-concentrated terpene rich oil derived from an all-natural, high-quality industrial CBD. This is the only plant that contains all of the essential fatty acids and amino acids required by the human body. 
Due to its high content of beneficial oils and natural emollient (softening and smoothing of the skin) properties, terpene rich oil is becoming common ingredients in lotions, skin, hair, and cosmetic products. It is a good alternative to the toxic chemicals present in many petroleum-based lotions and cosmetics.
HEMP… since the beginning of time
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